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Today is Dan Berrigan’s 94th birthday! If you’re not familiar with Dan, here’s the Wikipedia page article on him with links to more. Dan is one of the truly extraordinary prophets of our time, an author, activist and poet, and a Pax Christi USA Teacher of Peace.

Rev. John Dear wrote of Dan in his introduction to our booklet Words of Peace: Selections from the Writings of Daniel Berrigan, SJ:

“Daniel Berrigan has been a sign of Christian hope for. . . decades. He has inspired and challenged us, consoled and confronted us, told us the truth and done so with great love, and always opened up before us the possibility in faith of a world without war, the reign of God in our midst. For many people today, Daniel Berrigan remains a true image of the Christian disciple. . . .”

All of us at Pax Christi USA wish Dan a very Happy Birthday!

5 thoughts on “TEACHER OF PEACE: Happy 94th Birthday Dan Berrigan!

  1. God bless you Daniel, a prophet for peace and nonviolence, a true activist, talk about paying your dues…

  2. Happy Birthday, Fr. Berrigan, Thank you for your inspiration at LeMoyne College! Frank Kelly, class of 1964

  3. A very blessed birthday, Dan! You are truly a hero of mine, and I have been so privileged to sit at your feet a number of times over the years, first at Wernersville and then at Kirkridge.

  4. A late Happy Birthday!! Father, and thank you for ALL you have done in the name of peace and for all the under represented people. I remember seeing your picture in The Chicago Daily News during the numerous
    peace marches as a 14 year old during the “turbulent sixties.” PEACE!

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