One thought on “PACEM IN TERRIS: On the encyclical’s anniversary, revisiting its prophetic vision

  1. Thank you for your beautiful and Catholic/Christian viewpoint.
    I attended a retreat in Kentucky at a Cistercian Monastery during which I became enlightened by one specific thought from one of the Monks. Since man turned away from God and decided that he can play God our world will never be free of the loss of charity, faith and hope. We can only try.
    Magna Carta was brought about by the force of arms of free minded men, willing to die for principles. It was dashed by later royalty. Terrorism cannot be defeated without brave men and women willing to draw lines to the cruelty and violence. Free minded people will always have to stand up to tyranny lest we all end up in a modern day coliseum being ravaged by ” other” believers.
    Maybe it’s time for a resurrection of the Knights Templar. Oh but they were destroyed by politics and greed and yes the Catholic Church.

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