listen-here-coverPax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace Megan McKenna has just released a new book, LISTEN HERE! The Art and Spirituality of Listening. Like the subtitle says, the book is a primer on the art, discipline and spiritual practice of listening. It is about learning to grow in awareness, attentiveness, obedience [what the word listen means] and ever deeper capabilities of hearing, understanding and listening with heart, with soul, with compassion.

There are chapters on listening to other religions/their scriptures, in situations of injustice, poverty, violence and differences. And how to begin to listen to music and noise, to the light and dark, to the universe and to one’s own body. ​It uses stories, scriptures and questions and practices in each chapter to use singularly and in small groups. Come, LISTEN HERE!

Megan’s new book, Listen Here!, can be purchased directly from Megan at Megan McKenna, The Wayfarer’s Tale, Inc., PO Box 7309, Albuquerque, NM 87194 ($20 each including tax and shipping; minimum order 5 books – please remit payment with order).

NOTE: If you want your copies dedicated to specific persons, please be sure to include a note with their names (Please print!) when you order. Otherwise, your books will include Megan’s signature only. Thank you!

Click here for more information on Megan’s book.

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