Last week, Pax Christi USA signed onto a letter addressed to Members of Congress regarding military spending. Here are the opening paragraphs of the letter with a link to the full letter.

bar-chart-defense-spendingDear Representative: When faith groups come together in Washington we find that we share many deeply held values that influence our common life as a nation. Some of these values relate to how our country spends and invests our common treasure and how we seek security.

These values, such as a commitment to the common good of all people, right sharing of resources, priority for the poor and marginalized, and compassion in resolving conflict will be relevant to the decisions you will be making very soon in the House Budget Committee. We hope that these values resonate with your own beliefs and your own concerns for the well-being of our country as well as for the broader human community.

We believe that the federal budget should meet the actual needs of the nation.Each dollar that we hold in common should be well used to meet identified needs. Our common treasure should not be squandered on excessive private profits, cost overruns, or unacceptable levels of waste. The Pentagon budget does not meet this commonly shared standard…

Click here to read the entire letter.

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