from Johnny Zokovitch
Director of Communications

Pax Christi Dallas at rallyI’m in the process of doing a thorough update of all of our active Pax Christi local groups, including all high school and college chapters, religious communities, parish groups, etc., and I was hoping you could take just about one minute to help me out today.

Can you look at our list of active Pax Christi chapters and make sure you see your group listed? The groups are listed by state and the states are listed in alphabetical order. Just scroll down to your state and see if your group is listed. Links to the list are right below in both MSWord and PDF format.

If you can’t access either document, just email me at and tell me the name and location of your group and I’ll check to see if it is on our list.

If you don’t see your group listed, please email me with your group’s name and contact person and their contact information.

If your group is on the list, no worries! You don’t have to do anything!

Thanks so much for helping me with this task!

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