Sr. Patty ChappellJosie Chrosniak, HMDear Members of Pax Christi USA;

On the weekend of January 23rd-26th, the Pax Christi USA National Council met for its bi-annual gathering at the PCUSA National Office in Washington, D.C. Ten members of the Council, along with the staff, were present.

The following includes glimpses of actions taken by the National Council:

  1. Staff reports were shared and the 2014 goals and objectives of the staff were approved.
  2. Council responded to a request from the PC-Massachusetts region concerning the Just War Theory.
  3. Appreciation was expressed to the staff for the FY 2013 year-end income and expense budget which ended in the black.
  4. Acceptance was made of the 2012 audit as being presented fairly and in conformity with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in the United States of America.
  5. A balanced budget for FY 2014 received approval.
  6. Ongoing collaboration and dialogue with Pax Christi International continues.
  7. Acknowledgement of ongoing work was given with both Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees of PCUSA.
  8. Council visited the new location of Pax Christi USA, effective March 1, 2014.

A highlight of the weekend was having the National Council, staff, two regional leaders, and two representatives for the Pax Christi Anti-Racism Team come together to engage in a process of  mutual dialog, speaking to how the PCUSA Statement of Purpose, the Pax Christi Anti-Racism Statement, and the four identified priorities of PCUSA come together to create a fuller understanding of the identity of PCUSA and the need for its presence in today’s society. Those gathered entered into the conversation using the six points that Rev. Bryan Massingale challenged us with at the PCUSA national conference in June 2013.

Members of the council and staff, with two regional representatives and two members of PCART, at the planning day with Crossroads.
Members of the council and staff, with two regional representatives and two members of PCART, at the planning day with Crossroads.

This conversation was facilitated by two members of Crossroads Anti-Racism Organizing and Training and throughout the activities of the day it became clear that PCUSA needs one Statement of Purpose that incorporates the many facets of PCUSA. With affirmation from those present, the Council has asked one regional leader who was present at the gathering and one member of PCART who was present at the gathering, Sr. Patty, and two members of Council to join with Sr. Josie in forming an Ad-Hoc Committee. The committee will attempt to draft one statement of purpose. It is anticipated that the committee will have a few meetings – all of which will be telephone conference calls.

Once the Ad-Hoc Committee has drafted a statement of purpose, this will be communicated with regional leaders, PCART, and the total membership of PCUSA, for feedback and input with a goal towards affirmation.

In closing, we value your continued support and involvement in PCUSA. It is your commitment that makes the hope of a world of non-violence a reality.

Peace and continued Blessings,

Sr. Josie Chrosniak, HM
Chair, Pax Christi USA National Council

Sr. Patricia Chappell, SNDdeN
Executive Director, Pax Christi USA

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