Sr. Patty ChappellJosie Chrosniak, HMfrom Sr. Patty Chappell
PCUSA Executive Director

and Sr. Josie Chrosniak,
PCUSA National Council Chair

Dear Members of Pax Christi USA:

The time is quickly passing and the PCUSA National Conference for 2013 is rapidly approaching. Much planning has gone into this conference and the program is outstanding. We do need to thank those of you who have attended the many regional gatherings all across the country. It is your input that helped create the topics and speakers for the breakout sessions.

Bishop Gumbleton in Atlanta with Pax Christi/JustFaith participants
Bishop Gumbleton in Atlanta with Pax Christi and JustFaith members in 2011.

As we celebrate the culmination of PCUSA’s 40 years of working for peace through  non-violence, as you know, we have chosen “Remembering the Past with Gratitude; Living the Present with Enthusiasm; Embracing the Future with Confidence and Hope” as our theme for the conference. We are honored to have Bishop Tom Gumbleton, and Rev. Bryan Massingale lead our list of presenters.   Our time together at the Dr. Martin Luther King Center commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington as well as the 50th anniversary of Pacem in Terris will remind all us of our call to continue the mission for which Pax Christi was founded.

So… we have an incredible gathering planned: all we need NOW is your presence. We need you to sign up for the conference so that our presence is felt in Atlanta and the energy that flows from our time together will re-kindle our commitment to be peace leaders.

In addition, we need you to stay at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel since we have made a commitment to the hotel that our members would stay there. That was how we were able to get such a good deal on the rooms. If we do not satisfy our part of the contract through our membership staying at the hotel, PCUSA will have to absorb the cost of the unused rooms. With so many issues calling for our time, energy and input, please help us satisfy our commitment to the hotel!

As a reminder, the deadline for signing up for the discounted room rate at the hotel is May 16th.  The hotel phone number is  1-770-997-1100 (please note this correction from the number posted here earlier).  Please make your hotel reservation today!

There is an urgency for us to be together for the sake of our global community!

Don’t miss this opportunity to spend quality time with your partners in the non-violent movement of working for peace with justice.

See  you in Atlanta from June 14-16.

In peace,

Sr. Patty Chappell, SNDdeN
Executive Director, PCUSA

Sr. Josie Chrosniak, HM
National Council Chairperson

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  1. I have already registered. I do think that you would get more timely registrations, if you could register on line. I was also disappointed to not find any group to discuss Pax Christi Haiti or the terrible situations in Central America. There could be a different registration fee for members. Some people felt that the fee was too high for them. Anne

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