Today, Americans from a remarkably diverse array of religious backgrounds will join together to call on Congress to act to prevent gun violence. Religious leaders and interfaith groups are mobilizing their flocks and empowering faithful Americans across the country to continue the moral drumbeat for passing sensible gun violence prevention laws:

Tested by our grief,
Inspired in our pursuit of justice,
Strengthened by our love for country and for God’s children
Resolute in our faith
We call on our lawmakers and say:
Enough pain. Enough despair. Enough injustice.
We can and must transform our grief into action.

TAKE ACTION TODAY: Today is the Interfaith Call-in Day to Prevent Gun Violence. Click here to read more and to be directed to information to use in your call, including a direct connection to your Senators. Thanks for taking this action!

Also we have posted the e-Update for February 2013, a recap of all of the items you may have missed but which are still relevant from the past month or so. We hope you’ll take a few moments today or later this week to review them and use them as you see fit.

To see this month’s e-Update with links to all still-relevant information, click here.

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