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Pax Christi International, on 15 January 2013, wrote a letter on Syrian humanitarian aid to act as a call to ensure relief to the Syrian people.

Pax Christi International called upon the UN, the EU, and other intergovernmental and non-governmental bodies to increase and diversify the aid to be given for the refugees and displaced people in and around Syria.

The movement expressed its concern about the winter conditions that are adding to the hardships for more than 600.000 Syrian refugees.

The full call to action is available here 2013-0021-en-me-HR.

Pax Christi USA is encouraging its members and friends of good will to write member of Congress requesting the the United Nations, the European Union and other intergovernmental bodies to provide the necessary and urgent humanitarian aid  to the refugees and displaced people in Syria, as well as neighboring countries particularly in light of the winter conditions.

One thought on “TAKE ACTION: Humanitarian aid for Syria

  1. I understand you are empathetic to the human beings in a totally different country, however, where is that same passion for the millions of unborn babies killed by inhumane ways to abortion. Fight this good fight first. Be a voice for those who genuinely have no voice. These babies, too, were created in the image and likeness of God. Defend true women’s rights and speak out against the psychological and spiritual abuse that abortion leaves on these women. Mother Theresa said, “It is a shame that a child must die in order that we may live as we wish!” I beg of you to have some shame first, give it God, and then gets some honor and defend the truly innocent. God have mercy on you and me.

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