Bishop Thomas Gumbletonby Bishop Thomas Gumbleton

As we listen to the lessons today, it seems to me that what might be a very important question for us to reflect on and to draw more deeply from the lessons is the question, “What happens when we don’t listen to God’s prophets?” God, as you probably know, continues to speak to every one of us so that in some way we can surface God’s will in our lives, and the normal way that God does that is through the prophets. This is so clear in the Hebrew Scriptures and in that first lesson of today.

This was a time when the chosen people were struggling with the question of going to war. They were being threatened with an invasion, and they had a prophet among them, Jeremiah, who was urging them not to go to war, but as we heard in that first lesson from the Second Book of Chronicles — and this is a book of the history of the chosen people — the king at the time was young and heard this story and said, “What is displeasing to God?”

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