From the Friends Committee on National Legislation

The Obama administration recently released the Presidential Study Directive-10, which mandates a review of U.S. capacities to prevent atrocities and establishes the Atrocities Prevention Board to coordinate a government-wide strategy for preventing such violence. The newly established interagency Atrocities Prevention Board needs congressional support to be successful in the long run.

Please urge your senators to sign a ‘Dear colleague’ letter the Senators Chris Coons (DE) and Susan Collins (ME) are circulating to support the Presidential Study Directive 10 on mass atrocities prevention.

Efforts to improve U.S. capacities to help prevent genocide and mass atrocities have been underway since vast gaps were highlighted in the 2008 Genocide Prevention Task Force, which was co-chaired by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former Secretary of Defense William Cohen.

Since these recommendations were released, Congress passed a bipartisan resolution (S.Con.Res.71) in 2010 calling for specific steps to improve U.S. capacities. In August 2011, the Obama administration established a standing interagency Atrocities Prevention Board. Now it is necessary to establish coordinating mechanisms between Congress and the Board.

Senators Coons and Collins are urging the administration to establish coordinating mechanisms between Congress and the Board. Please urge your Senator to support this effort by signing the ‘Dear Colleague’ letter,

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