5 thoughts on “Religious groups call for diplomacy, peacebuilding to generate a Just Peace in Ukraine

  1. My only comment relates to: ““While we call on our own politicians to pursue the path of diplomacy, we also call upon all people of goodwill in the world to pray and work towards meaningful diplomacy instead of war results so that it results in the resolution of the conflict in Ukraine. Diplomacy, not war, …
    Why do you/we not call on “all people” not just “people of goodwill” whoever they might be. “Tax collectors and sinners were drawing near to Jesus.” Luke 15:1 The lost sheep must also be drawn into a peace process!

    1. Sounds a little hair-splitting. Nobody is going to self-identify as a person of ill will. So it effectively is addressed to all people, inviting us all to engage with good will toward others.

      1. The Ukraine is a good test case for non-violent action.
        If the Ukrainians were willing to practice non-violence, they would probably have to tolerate a form of slavery, at lease for a time, until they could organize themselves for non-violent methods.

  2. Why should Ukrainians who have lost friends and family, homes and businesses and have had their children stolen by deliberate actions of Russia, now accept living non-violence even if they must endure being slaves until they can organize themselves for acts of nonviolence? What a bunch of nonsense! I believe in nonviolence and Pax Christi, BUT, did we just tell Europe they should learn to live nonviolently with the Nazis…and how would that have worked out? There have been many comments telling the Ukrainians ‘just deal with it, while we close our eyes to what is happening’.

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