We have received an urgent request from our colleagues at Death Penalty Action: The Federal Death Penalty Prohibition Act will be introduced on Thursday, July 13, 2023. 

Click on this link to urge your member of Congress to support this legislation.

From our official statement on the death penalty: Pax Christi USA opposes the death penalty in all cases and without reservation. We base our unconditional opposition to the death penalty on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in the consistent ethic of life which teaches that all life is sacred from the moment it begins until its natural death. In the Gospels we see a nonviolent Jesus who taught and exemplified forgiveness, mercy, compassion and justice that was restorative and healing, always seeking to convert and correct rather than to condemn. We believe that those who are guilty, even of the most heinous crimes, are still sacred in the eyes of our loving God who embraces all sinners as sons and daughters. …

2 thoughts on “Take action: Urge Congress to support Federal Death Penalty Prohibition Act

  1. How can we persist in living under the Death Penalty. There should be a national law prohibiting it. Why should the Death Penalty be a State choice any more than a Federal mandate. Both are primitive. Have we evolved no further than this in our high tech society.

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