In a few weeks, it will be August, and time to recall the only instances when nuclear weapons have been used in a war. In the run up to August 6 and August 9, Pax Christi USA will offer resources for prayer, study and action to commemorate these terrible events and to promote nuclear disarmament. This first offering stresses the connection between our nuclear addiction and our fossil fuel addiction.

NuclearBan.US is a non-profit organization committed to the total elimination of nuclear weapons and the use of all those wasted human, financial and political resources to finally and seriously address the climate crisis and global inequality through a Green New Deal. In 2019, NuclearBan.US published Warheads to Windmills: How to Pay for a Green New Deal, which offered a plan to transition from nuclear weapons to a sustainable future using the financial and human resources we now spend to perpetuate a self-created existential threat.

In May this year, NuclearBan.US unveiled Warheads to Windmills: Preventing Climate Catastrophe and Nuclear War. Like the first version, the 2023 Warheads to Windmills report combines concrete proposals for cutting carbon emissions and abolishing nuclear weapons. It also offers a blueprint for a grassroots movement to stop spending out resources on nuclear weapons and start transferring the money, labor and expertise to preventing further climate change. It is a study guide loaded with information about climate change and nuclear weapons, and it is a practical guide for local and national action and lists resources for further study and for further action.  Even the summary contains useful data, diagrams and illustrations.

All the Warheads to Windmills reports are available as free downloads on the NuclearBan.US website.

2 thoughts on “NuclearBan.US offers the “Warheads to Windmills” reports

  1. Nuclear disarmament must start with the originator the USA. However, there is profit in the manufacture and maintenance of weapons. This is one of the foundations of our economy today. It seems as if our economic system is made for the nuclear quandary that we are in today so perhaps we need to look deeper into the evils of capitalism. The profit motive can lead people to do horrible things. MAD is mad and I wonder if it’s all about protection or profit. It certainly doesn’t offer protection, but exposes ourselves to a nuclear winter. I pray for our people to come to their senses. Self denial, and a little sacrifice is many times better than having absolutely nothing in a desolate earth.

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