5 thoughts on “Pax Christi USA deeply disappointed by Supreme Court ruling against affirmative action

  1. Thank you for your response to the Supreme Court’s ruling and the referencing of Fr. Bryan Massingale’s writings. Certainly the ruling is very distressing but it also provides an opportunity to strengthen our convictions on providing support for those who continue to suffer under our social and governmental system. We should support the statement and future actions of the ACCU and work to actively understand our own implicit biases. Peace.

  2. It is just that , as I have always supported all extra rights attributed to our Black community, I
    KNOW of many whites who cannot afford to get ahead even though, they do, possess the qualities. I am proud as an American Christian, that we accept and honor ALL equally. OF COURSE Blacks should be accepted into any university or school for which they can qualify-AND-if they might not qualify completely, perhaps advanced free classes would be offered to “pull them up.”

  3. I agree completely with you. But I am not at all surprised. Supreme Court is (since having become stacked 6-3 with ideological conservatives) doing exactly what “conservatives” aim to do: take US back to the “Gilded Age”.

  4. Mr. Linton, your use of quotation marks shows an attitude I share. The conservatives, so-called, are reactionaries, imagining that things were better in past years, when whites were prominent and southern states did not allow excellent Black stars to be shown in movies. (Archie Bunker’s song!) Jesus said to an individual, “You are not far from the realm of heaven.” I feel that many more people today are closer, and my faith tells me that we now live within it. Padre Pio said, “Pray, hope and don’t worry.” I believe that more and more people are living the life of Christ, more and more fully. “Imagine” you can live this way, said John Lennon. With God’s grace!

  5. Affirmative Action is, woefully, inadequate and at times, a false hope. As a professor in a public state university, I encounter too many students whom the admissions office brings in, knowing they are poorly prepared. Typically they run up a debt of 20,000$ and flunk out after one year with no diploma and a debt for life. How many of you know that the graduation rate at public universities is around 50 percent?
    What we need is universal health care and public high schools that prepare all our children, no matter what their skin tone, so that they can study and acquire a profession. As it is now, they come to the universities with untreated physiological and emotional disorders and a 5th grade reading capability.
    What we need is affirmative action for a dignified lifestyle that our neo-liberal Uniparty politicians won’t consider.
    David-Ross Gerling, PhD

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