One thought on “‘Wars are not just,’ pope tells UN Security Council

  1. Pope Francis enjoys the support of thinking, nominally progressive Catholics and non-Catholics until he crosses a certain line in the sand such as refusing to acquiesce to the oxymoronically named just war theory. Then all of a sudden he’s labeled misguided because he dares to dispel the myths many of us as young Catholics were indoctrinated with and which many of our own clerics still embrace, namely: USA is God’s favorite country; war is good if waged or abetted by us; winning is the name of the game in warfare; capitalism is closer to God than any other system; murder is evil unless the murdered are Russians.
    Let’s try to reach some kind of mental puberty before we’re all blown to bits in a nuclear Armageddon.
    Stella Maris ora pro nobis.
    David-Ross Gerling, PhD

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