One thought on “Moving forward with the Holy Spirit

  1. I often hear it said that the work of the Holy Spirit brings peace in the soul, as it does here. This has caused a certain amount of distress, as I’ve had experiences of great turmoil and pain that still seemed to be associated with the Holy Spirit. I wanted to note that here, as the perception of being viewed as though something is wrong or unholy about experiences that felt deeply sacred to me has sometimes separated me from support and connection that I greatly needed. I’ve since come to terms with this more, though it’s been a hard journey, and if anyone else is experiencing that, I wanted to give some voice to it. I have found in scripture references to things that resonate with what I’ve felt, such as references to refiner’s fire. I’ve also experienced an intense sense of mourning for pain experienced in our world, which I connect with being at the Cross. If we feel peaceful about the world around us, and complacent, I’m not sure it’s the Holy Spirit we’re listening to. I’m uncomfortable with the frequency I hear it said that one knows one is listening to the Spirit by feeling a sense of peace. I think it’s a lot more complex than that and that a deeper discussion is needed.

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