2 thoughts on “Jesus’s Ascension Day mandate

  1. Fr Joe’s lines that stood out for me were: “Along with growing awareness of living in a globalized world, Catholic Social Teaching guides us in following Jesus’s Ascension Day mandate. The task has become not only that of personal salvation, but one of evangelizing structures and systems which govern every level of society.”
    It would be very good if Assisi House, Dorothy Day Catholic Worker and Pax Christi would urge all people of faith or no religion to be at American University on Saturday, June 10th. It was on this day, 60 years ago that John F Kennedy made what many believe his most important speech. It was a call for global disarmament starting with the US. Catholics could help educate our globalized world today to follow what JFK urged in 1963.
    His call to use diplomatic tools and not tools to kill may have led to his assassination. The world needs to know of JFK’s message. Let’s work together to make it happen.

    1. Unilateral nuclear disarmament
      Yes, “Let’s work together to make it happen.” However, we may have to set the example in order to see real progress. Even the possession of nuclear weapons is immoral according to Pope Francis. So, let’s start nuclear disarmament unilaterally.

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