Earlier this month, as the world commemorated International Workers’ Day, President Biden welcomed to the White House Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. The timing of this meeting between the two presidents highlighted the urgent need to uplift the voices of people in the Philippines who continue to experience human rights violations.

Pax Christi USA’s Lauren Bailey and Judy Coode at May 1 White House rally for human rights in the Philippines.

On Monday, May 1, representatives of the International Campaign for Human Rights in the Philippines, BAYAN USA, Pax Christi USA, and more were present for a vigil and rally outside the White House. In preparation for the event, 130 faith communities and 500 individuals signed an ecumenical letter to Biden to “heed the voices of the oppressed” and halt U.S. military aid to the Philippines and to support the Philippine Human Rights Act.

>> Click here to read the full letter with signatories.

You are invited to join two upcoming online events related to Pax Christi USA’s solidarity work on the Philippines:

May 31: Witnessing in Solidarity: A panel on the ongoing human rights crisis in the Philippines

Co-hosted by BAYAN, Migrant Roots Media, and Pax Christi USA, this online event was held on May 31.

Use this link to watch the recording of this webinar on YouTube.

>> Use this link to register.

May 25: Report back from human rights delegation

Pax Christi USA participated in the Philippines Interfaith Fellowship and Learning Tour in February and March. During an online event on Thursday, May 25, 8-9:30 PM Eastern, delegates from the Interfaith Learning Tour — sponsored by the International Campaign for Human Rights — will share findings from their report.

>> Use this link to register for the May 25 event.

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