Join Pax Christi USA at 8 PM ET on Friday, June 2, National Gun Violence Awareness Day, for a virtual discussion designed to shed light on the increasingly urgent issue of gun violence and foster dialogue to develop nonviolent solutions to this national problem. This thought-provoking online event entitled “Say Their Names!” emphasizes the power of remembrance and collective action in addressing the devastating impact of gun violence on individuals, families, and communities.

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NOTE: This webinar will not be live-streamed and it will not be recorded.

During this virtual gathering, participants will have the opportunity to listen to survivors, activists, and experts who have been deeply affected by gun violence. Their personal stories and insights will underscore the urgency of finding common ground and implementing nonviolent strategies to tackle this pervasive issue. By amplifying the voices of those impacted by gun violence, the event aims to humanize the statistics and emphasize the need for systemic change.

We will explore the dimensions and efficacy of nonviolent approaches in addressing gun violence. Participants will learn about successful initiatives and a locally designed Interfaith Gun Violence Prevention toolkit created to foster peace within communities. By showcasing these examples, the discussion will hopefully inspire individuals to take meaningful action in their own locale.

Following the dialogue, attendees will be invited to participate in a collective call to action. By uniting under the banner of peace and nonviolence, participants will be encouraged to support relevant advocacy campaigns, engage in community outreach, and promote legislative measures that prioritize gun safety. The goal is to empower individuals and communities to be catalysts for change, working towards a society where every person can live free from the fear of gun violence.

Join us in this vital discussion and call to action as we remember the lives lost to gun violence, engage in transformative dialogue, and commit ourselves to building a safer and more peaceful world. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that their names are never forgotten.

Click here to register for the webinar.

NOTE: This webinar will not be live-streamed and it will not be recorded.

5 thoughts on “June 2: Join Pax Christi USA for a webinar on gun violence, “Say Their Names!”

  1. Thank you for sharing information about this opportunity. I will pass it along as well. We are all so painfully aware that actions of this sort are so far past due and must be continued. Peace.

  2. I am here in Buffalo visiting family. 1year ago today was the mass shooting at a Tops Market here in Buffalo. 10 shoppers lost their lives.

  3. Hola I registered for the Phillipine event How do I link on ???? I have not seen anything yet. . J Mattern

  4. I hope this will be more than a tear jerker- the media covers massacres like body counts in Vietnam w thots and prayers- never asked? who sold the gun- what type of gun? what did the parents know? likewise ammo- name the pols in the state wo oppose gun control- talk to the national gun control groups- look at what the UK did? Australia- if I don’t get this I’m turning off- dave eberhardt civl rts and peace movement vet

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