Pax Christi USA Executive Director Johnny Zokovitch with Bishop Tom Gumbleton in April 2022

Today, January 26, is Pax Christi USA Bishop President Emeritus Tom Gumbleton‘s 93rd birthday! We are so grateful for his life, his witness, and for how he has shaped and nurtured this movement since our founding in 1972.

Last year, during Pax Christi USA’s 50th anniversary year, a special birthday celebration for Bishop Gumbleton was held on Facebook.

> Watch the video of Bishop Gumbleton’s 2022 birthday gathering at this link.

Feel free to leave a birthday greeting for Bishop Gumbleton in the comment section below, and we will make sure he receives it!

And stay tuned for information about how to order No Guilty Bystander: The Extraordinary Life of Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, written by Frank Fromherz and Suzanne Sattler. This new biography of Bishop Gumbleton will be published by Orbis Books in June 2023.

From Orbis Books: An in-depth biography of Bishop Thomas Gumbleton (b. 1930, Auxiliary of Detroit, retired), one of the most progressive and prophetic American Catholic bishops of the last 50 years. He is known in particular for his peace witness during the Vietnam War, and then role in crafting the bishops’ pastoral on nuclear war, but he has been equally committed to global peace—in Central America, Haiti, Iraq; his advocacy for reform in the church, including victims of sex abuse, and ministry to the LGBTQ community. Though often controversial, he has always remained a faithful bishop, committed to speaking out and following his conscience from within the church and subject to authority.

6 thoughts on “Happy birthday Bishop Gumbleton!

  1. I am remembering you especially today on your 93rd Birthday! I was with the delegation in El Salvador in 2015 and I have a picture with you from that blessed time of remembrance. You & my dear priest-husband share the same birth year of 1930! On Dec. 2, 2014, I was in my parish church in DE at dear George’s “celebration of life”…for some reason I felt his spirit urging me to go to El Salvador and exactly one year later I was there celebrating the holy martyred women and that cloud of witnesses & George was present as well! You have always been a prophet person to look to in my life and I am grateful for your witness all of these years. Ad Multos annos – good health – continued peace and joy. With much gratitude, Mary Louse
    ( Hockessin, DE)

  2. Thank you dear Bishop for all that you have done for peace and justice. I remember your inspiring messages in Tiffin, OH when you visited here.
    Blessings, and special prayers, Sr. Julie Grote

  3. Dear Bishop Gumbleton, Dear Tom – Happy Birthday! Deep thanks for all the ways you have inspired and challenged us. You are a gift to our hurting world! In peace,

  4. Bishop Tom; You’ve been a wonderful example and inspiration to so many of us. Congratulations on completing 93 years of your exemplary work! May there be many more!

  5. Happy Birthday, Bishop Gumbleton. I grew up in Detroit and went to Saint Ambrose in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Now I live and teach in the Diocese of Lexington. I am grateful for great leadership then and now. God is good! God bless you on your birthday!

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