The Pax Christi USA intergenerational Peace Pairs program launched in February 2022 to build mutual co-learning and accompaniment between peacemakers in their 20s and 30s and Ambassadors of Peace/founding members of our movement. Each of the seven pairs were invited to work on an outward-facing project.

This interview is the project of Peace Pair Creede Caldwell and Cathy Crayton; it is a continuation of their year-long conversations, but this time, they are sharing their conversation with us. Hearing their conversation this week is especially notable as we celebrate the one-year anniversary of Living in the Light of Christ’s Peace: A Conversation on Nuclear Disarmament, the pastoral letter of Archbishop John C. Wester from Santa Fe, NM. Listen as Creede and Cathy discuss nuclear weapons, anti-racism, communal care, and the importance of intergenerational work for peace with justice.

Conversation between Creede Caldwell and Cathy Crayton

Cathy Crayton has been a member of Pax Christi USA since the 1980s. She has served both as a regional representative and member of the national council. She was a charter member and co-founder of Pax Christi Anti Racism Team (PCART) in 1999 and in 2021 was recognized as a Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace. Creede Caldwell has been part of Pax Christi for two years and serves on the leadership team of the Pax Christi Young Adult Caucus (PCYAC).

Please note that this recording represents Creede and Cathy’s personal opinions.

Pax Christi USA will open registration for the next round of Peace Pairs soon. If you want more information about how to participate, please send an email to

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