Pax Christi USA will join CODEPINK and other leaders of national faith-based and peace advocacy organizations today at the Capitol as a response to President Zelensky’s visit to the U.S. today.

We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and all those suffering from this catastrophic war, including those in Russia, Africa, and elsewhere. As supporters of human security and a just peace, we urge the U.S. and President Zelensky to engage in diplomatic negotiations rooted in the needs of the stakeholders and oriented by a vision of just peace.

As a signatory to the call for a Christmas Truce, we are rallying for an end to the killing and a ceasefire so that diplomatic negotiations can happen. Join us NOW (4:30-7:30pm ET) at the Capitol with your signs!

Click here to RSVP and contact Eli McCarthy at or 510-717-8867 with questions.

3 thoughts on “Join Pax Christi USA in rallying for diplomacy on Ukraine-Russia war at the U.S. Capitol now!

  1. After sinking 100+billion $ (yes, 100+ billion!) in his proxy war, don’t even hope that our commander-in-chief and his Republican and Democrat lackeys of the arms industry are going to stop now. Using that much money for the purpose of mangling human bodies is an obscenity and incompatible with our Catholic Christianity, considering that had our leaders invested one-thousandths of just 1% in diplomacy, we could have avoided this. What a pity that our own Catholic president will be remembered as one of the worst war criminels both by commission and omission (the millions of starving people in Haiti and Africa, not to mention Syria and Afghanistan those billions could have saved).
    David-Ross Gerling, PhD.

  2. With barely a slight mention of the possibility of negotiations in the Ukraine/Russian war by the media, it does appear that this route is but a dream of nonviolence proponents. However, this possibility(though small) must not be abondoned. Should there not be more heard from the U.N.–although many don’t hold much hope in its effectiveness? On the heels of the COP meetings–where much focus was on the needs of the developing world–shouldn’t nations of the Northern Hemisphere be in strong and direct contact with the nations of the Southern Hemisphere, where Russian influence has made progress in courting their leaders(often by force and corruption)? No one can turn back the clock on why this avoidable war began but each person can influence the way forward. Contact your governmental representatives to express what you wish to see in the unfolding of our country’s involvement in the developing world and specifically in the Ukraine/Russia war. We should not condone the behavior of the Kremlin but must support the welfare of the Ukrainian people and support the growing number of Russians who are still puzzled by or oppose the war. Many Russians also are victims on the frontline and at their home. Let us hold those peoples who are suffering from poverty, hunger, and lack of medical services in ways that will allow them to alleviate their suffering. In prayer and spirit, let us stand with Pax Christi for its witness in support of diplomacy. Peace!

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