Pax Christi Michigan will host a series of workshops on a variety of topics, available via Zoom; speakers include Kathy Kelly, Pax Christi USA national council chair Charlene Howard, and Bill Gallagher. Find more information at this link.


Pax Christi Southern California held its regional assembly on Saturday, October 1, via Zoom. Find more information at this link.

Pax Christi St. Louis co-sponsored an in-person event on Thursday October 13 with special guest speaker Bishop John Stowe on the topic, “How can the Church be prophetic in a time of great polarization?” at the St. Louis University Center For Global Citizenship, 3672 West Pine Mall, St. Louis, MO 63108. Find more information at this link.

Pax Christi Michigan held its 28th annual retreat October 14-16, “Conversations with Michelle and Nick,” at the Maryville Retreat Center in Holly, MI. Retreat facilitators were Pax Christi USA’s 50th anniversary coordinator Michelle Sherman and her husband, Nick Rademacher, Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Dayton. Find more information at this link.

Pax Christi Northern California celebrated its 2022 Tom Webb Memorial Peacemaker of the Year recipient, Vivian Zelaya, a local Catholic organizer, at a special event on Saturday, October 15. Featuring speakers were Pax Christi USA’s executive director Johnny Zokovitch and program director Roxana Bendezú. Find more information at this link.

Pax Christi Massachusetts, Pax Christi Maine, and Pax Christi Rhode Island held a joint regional assembly on Saturday, October 29, both in person (Dedham, MA) and via Zoom. Find more information at this link.

Pax Christi Metro DC-Baltimore held its 15th annual Peacemaker of the Year award celebration honoring nuclear disarmament activist John Whitehead on Saturday, November 5 at St. Matthew Church in Baltimore, Maryland. Additional details at this link.

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  1. Please also consider Pax Christi Northern California’s Peacemaker of the Year Award activist Vivian Zelaya, a supporter of Palestinian rights, nuclear disarmament, and preventing violence in Latin America, among other efforts. Johnny Zokovich and Roxana Bendezú are visiting as guest speakers for Pax Christi USA, and Rev. George C.L. Cummings will be speaking on the Ceasefire Violence Reduction model to reduce homicide by guns in urban settings. Donna Lack of the local Hesed Community will also lead the gathering in meditation. October 15th 8:30-12:30 at Newman Hall/Holy Spirit Parish in Berkeley – see paxchristinorcal.org for details.

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