With support from Pax Christi members around the country, Pax Christi Metro DC-Baltimore (PCMDC-B) published an ad, “Choose Sanity Now for People and the Planet,” in the September 2-15 issue of the National Catholic Reporter (NCR). (See below.)

From prolonging the war in Ukraine to increasing fossil fuel production to pouring more and more money into military spending, political leaders continue to make lethal choices for people and the planet. These actions are, to quote Pope Francis, “an affront crying out to heaven.”

The ad drafted by PCMDC-B makes an urgent plea: Tell our president, senators, and representatives to adopt saner choices now! Choose diplomacy over war, clean energy over fossil fuels, human needs over military spending, and nuclear disarmament over weapons “modernization.”

The ad occupied the top portion of a page in NCR, with the names of all the people signing on to the ad listed below the text, and referred readers to the PCMDC-B website for additional information, including this background paper that elaborates on the issues.*

Deep thanks to everyone who contributed to this effort.

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