This week Pax Christi USA published a new prayer card in support of the Bread Not Stones campaign aimed at redirecting the obscene amount of money the U.S. invests in military spending to the challenges presented by the pandemic, the climate crisis, racial oppression, and economic injustice. The prayer card comes in time for the Bread Not Stones days of action, September 18-26. Sign up to participate or get more information at this link.

Please contact Pax Christi USA if you would like one or more prayer cards.

The prayer was written by Tom Cordaro, Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace and member of the Bread Not Stones organizing committee. The prayer reads:

“Is there anyone among you who, if your child asks
for bread, will give a stone?” (Mt 7:9)

God of Liberation from all our foreboding;
Our children ask for bread but are fed the poison of fear.
We put guns in their hands and tell them:
this is the way to safety, power, respect, and salvation.

We give lip-service to your call to love without cost
and to show compassion without distinctions;
but we are quick to abandon your teachings when
we are told to fear and despise those who are not like us.

We have abandoned your promise of abundant life in exchange
for the promise of longevity through overwhelming firepower.

Give us the wisdom to embrace the things that make for peace.
Help us to understand that we live in a world of endless wonder
that needs to be cared for and treasured.

Help us to see that we live in a world of bounty that belongs to
the whole human family, without excluding or favoring anyone;
from each, according to their ability;
and to each, according to their needs.

Help us understand that our security lies in the strength of our
solidarity with all – even those who are marked as enemies.

Open our eyes, hearts, and minds to the truth that we are only
safe and secure when everyone is safe and secure;
that we will be at peace only when justice rolls like a river,
protecting the dignity of every person
and embracing every creature.

Show us how to give children the bread they need. Amen.

Click here for more resources in the Bread Not Stones campaign. And check out this sign-on ad initiated by Pax Christi Metro DC-Baltimore to be placed in NCR in September which lifts up elements of the Bread Not Stones campaign.

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