The following is a media statement from Lauren Bailey, National Field Organizer of Pax Christi USA, expressing our support for the community at The Nativity School of Worcester, which showed solidarity with Black, Brown, and LGBTQ+ students:

“The Nativity School exhibits the Catholic values of inclusion, justice, and solidarity with the oppressed and marginalized by displaying Pride and Black Lives Matter flags. The way to peace with justice is through public solidarity, and we are proud of this community for their courageous witness. We are gravely disappointed that Bishop Robert McManus has chosen to sanction the school for its Gospel witness. Pax Christi USA strongly believes that communities like Nativity are modeling the Church we are striving to create. Catholic schools and all Catholic spaces should be places where all oppressed people, including LGBTQ+ students and Black students, are free to embrace and celebrate our identities and God-given dignity.”

4 thoughts on “MEDIA STATEMENT: Pax Christi USA applauds the courageous witness of the Nativity School community

  1. Thanks Lauren for this important statement. It’s time more people spoke out about this issue. Jesus never excluded anyone that I am aware of. As His followers we must do the same.

  2. Thank you ,Nativity School for your courageous action. What an example you are setting on behalf of so many who are refused acceptance and are rejected. May many blessings come to you from our loving God!

  3. Any person or group that is systemically marginalized or oppressed should be recognized and acknowledged. Figuratively, spiritually and in deed all should be embraced and validated to the point where no one can tell who is being embraced or validated and who is doing the embracing or validating. Thank you for the media statement. In solidarity with the Nativity School of Worcester– Peace.

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