Sunday, June 12, 4-6:30 PM Eastern

The dangers of nuclear war are now higher than at any other time in many decades. We can take action – together – to reduce the risks. Please click here to visit the new Defuse Nuclear War website, where you can register for the June 12 Zoom event.

Pax Christi USA is one of almost 100 co-sponsors of this event.

We can draw inspiration from what happened 40 years ago – on June 12, 1982 – when one million people stood together in New York’s Central Park to oppose nuclear weapons and nuclear war. Now, with tensions at a fever pitch between the United States and Russia – the world’s two nuclear superpowers – we will rededicate ourselves to preventing nuclear war.

Speakers during the June 12 livestream event will include Hanieh Jodat Barnes, Medea Benjamin, Jerry Brown, Leslie Cagan, Mandy Carter, Emma Claire Foley, Pastor Michael McBride, Khury Petersen-Smith, David Swanson, Katrina vanden Heuvel and India Walton.

Click here to register for the Zoom event on June 12, 4-6:30 PM Eastern

Director/producer Jeff Daniels will speak and present excerpts from his documentary Television Event about huge impacts of the 1983 TV film The Day After. We will also see the world premiere of a video featuring Daniel Ellsberg on “defusing the threat of nuclear war,” produced by Oscar-nominated director Judith Ehrlich.

Nuclear weapons pose an existential threat to the survival of humanity. But hope is not lost. If we work together and rededicate ourselves to peace, we can make an impact and insist on diplomacy and disarmament – not more militarism.

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