Pax Christi International is hosting a webinar this Friday, April 29th, to discuss the first meeting of states parties to the nuclear ban treaty, specifically in light of the crisis in Ukraine. Archbishop John Wester of Santa Fe, NM is the main speaker. The goal is to urge states parties to the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons to send a representative and for states not yet party to the treaty to send an official observer.

It will start at 9am ET (8am CT, 7am MT, 6am PT). The discussion will be in English with French and Spanish translation available.

Register by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Pax Christi International hosting a webinar on a nuclear ban in response to the war in Ukraine

  1. It is useless to advocate for nuclear disarmament if nuclear power and the entire nuclear chain is still being promoted and pursued! Given the inherent radioactive dangers of each link in the nuclear chain, the newest madness is to provide terrorists or hostile enemies with the opportunity to set off a nuclear blast by targeting SMNRs(Small Modular NUCLEAR Reactors) in or near our communities. This is utter madness not to say diabolic!!!

  2. No matter how dire the circumstances in the world may sometimes seem or be, individuals and representatives of nations must decide on which side of history and morality they position themselves. This may sometimes require people to take what may not be the “most practical” looking stance. Yet, with strength of conviction–persistence– the ethical power of community– a viewpoint supported by the majority of the planet’s inhabitants- and various forms of prayer- miracles can and do occur. Perhaps non-nuclear nations can exert their own influence/pressure on the warring nations to pivot toward a mindset embracing dialogue/negotiation/reconciliation, without regard to whom they may have sympathies(Russia/Ukraine/US/NATO). This would be in the interest of humanity and not a specific geopolitical entity. Maintain your heartfelt beliefs and be open to accepting peaceful efforts no matter how distant their realization may seem. Peace and all good!

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