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reflection for the SECOND sunday of lent, MARCH 13, 2022

by Dave Robinson
former Pax Christi USA Executive Director

Genesis 15:5-12, 17-18 | Philippians 3:17-4:1 | Luke 9:28b-36

“This is my chosen Son; listen to him.” (Lk 9:35)

The Transfiguration is a pivotal moment in the Lenten journey. Here Jesus’ divinity is announced by God, confirmed by the presence of Moses representing the Law and Elijah representing the Prophets and witnessed by Peter, John and James. The disciples reaction is—fear. At first when they see Jesus speaking with the two they appear to be excited and ready to “make three tents”, presumably to provide hospitality for the eminent men and perhaps even to celebrate their presence. But that excitement is short-lived as the cloud engulfs them and God speaks directly to the disciples: “This is my chosen Son; listen to Him.”

In the coming days Jesus will have a great deal to say. Whether we are willing to listen to him is the perennial question. As I reflect on this moment, I’m struck by two thoughts. First, the disciples’ initial reaction to God’s direct interaction with them is fear. How many times have we become fearful when confronted with the truth? How often have we been paralyzed, unable to act when action is required? And second, God commands them to “listen to Him.” As we move through the readings in the coming days Jesus is quite straightforward in what he has to say and it is not easy stuff to hear. In effect he is laying out a new paradigm and a call to a new way of being in relationship with God and with each other—one that runs counter to the dominant culture and political structures. Are we ready to hear him? Are we ready to listen?


  • What difficult things do you hear in the readings throughout Lent?

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Dave Robinson was the executive director of Pax Christi USA from 2001-11. Dave represented Pax Christi International at the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review and Extension Conference in 1995 as well as subsequent conferences until 2010. He has advised nongovernmental organizations on issues of nuclear disarmament and developed strategies for citizen engagement here and abroad. Dave serves as the Executive Director of the Union City Family Support Center.

photo credit: jo clarke

2 thoughts on “Reflection for the second Sunday of Lent, March 13

  1. Robert C BrokerTo the director
    As an advocate for peace, Pax Christi must advocate for human dignity and oppose evil. The Russian War on Ukraine manifests all the characteristics of an unjust war – as you know.

    I am devastated by Pax Christi’s inadequate failure to address and call out the evil Ukrainian War being carried out today by Vladimi Putin of Russia. Your failure is demoralizing and will weakens the Pax Christi movement.

    Our bishops are not standing up sufficiently to oppose this evil war perpetrated by Russia in blatant defiance of every moral standard. Russia is daily violating all the humane principals and traditions and Roman Catholic teaching on a just war while they have given every indication that their tactics will get worse.

    Let’s be clear, there will be no peace, no Pax Christi. The immediate situation for the 2.5 million refugees is that their status will be permanent, many women without their spouse.

    I know the failures of this country and for that reason found hope in Pax Christi. I hold those principals, but I want to call out your failure to stand for those principals in the face of real danger.

    The way ahead is difficult for President Biden and the President of the Ukraine, who carry the burden of acting now. We should hope they act prudently. This is a huge moral crisis, the largest since 1941 and the Cuban and the Missile Crisis,

    I pray for you and urge immediate reflection and a change in your position as you have taken on the Mantle for Roman Catholics on War and Peace? Jesus did not avoid the hard questions.

    In Christ,
    Robert C Broker
    Hingham, MA
    March 13, 2022

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