Washington, D.C. – Today, Pax Christi USA, the Catholic movement for peace in the United States, announced its display of Kelly Latimore’s “Mama” icon at its Washington, D.C. office. 

Latimore’s icon, an African American Pietà depicting Mary and Jesus, was created in response to the murder of George Floyd. One year ago, it was displayed at The Catholic University of America (CUA) and, in shameful acts of cowardice and racist intimidation, it was stolen twice. 

Pax Christi USA’s display prominently faces CUA’s campus through the office’s windows.

Commenting on the importance of the display, Pax Christi USA’s National Council Chair Charlene Howard said, 

“Representations of Mary and Jesus as African Americans are a gift to our faith and a representation of its universality. Icons and imagery reflecting African American spirituality declare who we are and whose we are. This sacred art acknowledges that God loves us and understands what we go through. Most importantly, it reminds all God’s people that people of African descent reflect the justice-seeking image and likeness of God.” 

Johnny Zokovitch, Pax Christi USA’s Executive Director, added:

“For over two decades, Pax Christi USA’s Anti-Racism Team has sought to transform our organization into an anti-racist, multicultural movement for peace. As we celebrate our 50th year of peacemaking, we offer this display, recognizing that words and images must be accompanied by deeds. Our movement remains committed to the material, tangible expressions of solidarity with people of color, both within Pax Christi USA and across the globe.” 

The “Mama” icon will remain on display in the Pax Christi window for the remainder of our 50th year. The icon and other icons from Kelly Latimore are available at ​​

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