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Pax Christi International has written to Pope Francis about the escalation of tensions in Ukraine and the need for coordinated international action to ensure peace and the avoidance of war. We expressed gratitude to the Holy Father for his leadership in calling for a nonviolent resolution and initiating a world day of prayer for Ukraine, in which our movement has faithfully participated.

The situation now facing Ukraine recalls the Cuban Missile Crisis of sixty years ago. This situation brought the world to the precipice of nuclear war, and saw the intervention of Saint Pope John XXIII. He used emissaries to privately communicate to both sides and made a public appeal for “moral responsibility” on both sides. We humbly pray and hope that Pope Francis may similarly help open way for dialogue and the building of trust as the world faces yet another senseless violent conflict.

For the full text of the letter, please click here.

Photo: Mountain range Chornohora by Iurii Bakhmat via Flickr (CC2.0 BY ND NC)

2 thoughts on “Pax Christi International sends appeal to Pope Francis for peace in Ukraine

  1. Pope Francis’ influence in the world, his leadership, and the respect given to him in addressing world affairs cannot be denied. His vision for peace overshadows those of motives of NATO or Russia and adds a deeper dimension to the near future. May we pray for his wisdom, strength and guidance toward dialogue and understanding. Thank you to Pax Christ International and peace to everyone!

  2. No country wants to be blockaded or surrounded. Ukraine sees Russia do ing this to it and Russia sees NATO doing the same to it. A Standoff prevails with the US taking the side of Ukraine.
    Where is the truth? Who will be a neutral party to decide? Russia lost over twenty million civilians and military in WW11. It pushed the German army back to Berlin. It doesn’t want a repeat performance ever and sees NATO as a threat. The Ukraine doesn’t want to be a Soviet satellite again.
    Intervention is needed. A World Court needs to lay bare the truth and help reconcile this Standoff. Perhaps religious institutions could help establish and support this World Court. But they need to be free of prejudice for the outcome.

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