NOTE: For the past few years, Pax Christi USA members and groups have been involved in Back from the Brink, a national grassroots campaign that brings local communities together to build the public support and political will needed to fundamentally change U.S. nuclear weapons policy and prevent nuclear war. The recent pastoral letter on nuclear disarmament from Archbishop Wester in Santa Fe is a good opportunity for our members and groups to support that effort by getting involved or re-involved with Back from the Brink. Read below for the latest report and info on how to get involved.

As we begin 2022, Pax Christi USA’s Back from the Brink campaign want to share some good news:

  • Boston, Minneapolis and New York City have all passed anti-nuclear resolutions and stated their support for the TPNW (Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons). New York City has also decided to divest the city’s public pension fund from any nuclear weapons holdings.
  • The TPNW was ratified last month by the 59th nation-state, Peru.
  • As the TPNW celebrates its first anniversary of entry-into-force on January 22, 2022, (which means nuclear weapons are internationally illegal), events – both virtual and in-person are being planned. Watch for ways to participate in your area.
  • A post-first year conference of nation-states on the TPNW will be held in Vienna in March 2022. For the first time two NATO countries, Norway and Germany, will participate as observers.

Learn more about the Back from the Brink campaign at this link, including how to join.

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  1. We here at the Casa Esther Catholic Worker House in Omro, WI have been celebrating Bishop Wester’s statement, and we are committed to assuring that it will make a huge impact.

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