The effort to ban killer drones has been a focus for many Pax Christi USA local groups and individual members around the nation. This weekend, several groups are taking action as part of the “Don’t Look Away” campaign and we wanted to lift this effort up and amplify it to the rest of our movement in case others want to take part.

Almost three months ago, the Ahmadi family children of Kabul, Afghanistan were killed by a U.S. strike using Lockheed-Martin Hellfire missiles fired from a General Atomics Reaper drone. This was one of thousands of U.S. drone attacks that have killed and terrorized people in the Middle East and elsewhere over the past 20 years, 90% of whom are likely not even those who were being targeted.

Jack Gilroy of New York, Kathy Kelly of Chicago, and Nick Mottern of Massachusetts have designed a flyer/handbill which can be distributed to people at shopping malls the weekend after Thanksgiving — Nov. 27-29. The flyer draws attention to the destruction caused by killer drones and asks recipients of the flyer to contact their elected officials in Washington, D.C. and ban killer drones.

Click here for an easily printable half-page version of the flyer to hand out.

If you take action, please post photos to social media and use the hashtag #BanKillerDrones.

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