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Eighteen months into the global crisis caused by COVID19, Pax Christi USA marks the International Day of Peace, which serves as a day devoted to strengthening international commitments towards peace and nonviolence.

On this day, Pax Christi USA issues a joint statement with over 200 peacebuilding organizations demanding governments and the UN system to refocus on peace, justice and inclusion, development, crisis response and the climate emergency.

The statement entitled “Let us see what Peace can do” acknowledges the “fragility of our institutions and the fault lines in international cooperation.” Pax Christi USA appreciates the Quaker UN Office (QUNO) for organizing this initiative.

Pax Christi USA Executive Director Johnny Zokovitch states, “It’s critical we come together with partner organizations to remind world leaders during the UN General Assembly that violence and armed force go against the very principles and methods declared in the UN Charter.”

Read the full letter here with a list of all signatories, and find QUNO’s press release here.

2 thoughts on “On International Day of Peace, Pax Christi USA joins over 200 groups worldwide calling on governments to refocus on peace

  1. Thank you! A unified, transformative, international movement can drive humans to turn the corner from unhealthy competition, domination, and using/abusing to care for one another and Creation. Peace!

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