NOTE: We’re inviting all members of the Pax Christi USA family to light a candle, place it in a window tonight (June 26th), and offer up the prayer below for the UN International Day of Support for Victims of Torture. Join thousands around the country tomorrow in remembering torture victims and survivors in this simple act of prayer.

Jesus, Our Tortured Brother Today

by Dianna Ortiz, OSU
Pax Christi USA Teacher of Peace

Jesus, our Tortured Brother,

In this world, so many are forced to walk your path today –
the suffering and pain, the humiliation,
the sense of betrayal and abandonment –
for those with power, the Romans of today,
continue to condemn others to modern crosses.

You said that what was done to the least of these was done to you,
and so each day, You are tortured anew.

Jesus, our Guardian of the Wounded and Tortured,
Bid us to look into the secret prisons–the unmarked graves–
the hearts and minds of the torture survivors.
Bid us to wipe the tears of the families of those whose
decapitated bodies were cast into the open sea.
Bid us to embrace the open wounds of the tortured.

Jesus, Guiding Spirit,
Teach us to be in solidarity with those who hang from these crosses.
Call out to those who torture:
“Know the evil you have done and repent.”
Call out to the rest of us:
“What meaning does love have
if you allow torture to continue unopposed?”

In the name of all the tortured of the world, give us the strength,
give us the courage, give us the will to bring this horror to an end,
in the name of love, justice, and the God of us all. Amen.

One thought on “Light a candle, join us in prayer to remember victims and support survivors of torture tonight

  1. Thank you for this suggestion. Assisi Community will light a candle – remembering Dianna and all she did for survivors of torture.

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