Since the mid-90s, Pax Christi USA has had a present at the annual School of the Americas Watch vigil. This year, the School of the Americas Watch (SOAW) vigil is happening via Zoom, November 21-22. The program “Rooted in Resistance” includes a host of workshops and music planned for this 30th anniversary of SOAW. To register, go to their website

The entire weekend will be bi-lingual (Spanish and English) so you can invite your sisters and colleagues from Latin America to join as well. The Spanish-language web site and registration can be found here.

Pax Christi USA members are always incredibly supportive of this event so we encourage you to set aside at least some of your time this weekend to join in!

2 thoughts on “Join Pax Christi USA (virtually) at the SOAW vigil this weekend!

  1. Can’t help wondering just how many, what proportion of our conscientious taxpaying citizens don’t even realize what the “School of The Americas” is or what it does, how it functions. Also I can’t help wondering just how many, what proportion of conscientious Catholic citizens consider themselves “pro-life” and don’t even know how anti-life School is. There but for the grace of God go I. Godspeed always!

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