As we prepare for Election Day tomorrow, we are reposting this prayer for our community to draw on and offer in a spirit of hope.

by Dianna Ortiz, OSA
Pax Christi USA Deputy Director

Ed. Note: This prayer was created as a resource for the 2020 election season. To find more resources for the 2020 elections, visit our Elections 2020 – #VotePax webpage.

God, Promise Keeper of the new creation, in this election season guide us to be Gospel-informed voters, who stand on the side of justice and truth.

As a community of conscience, we recognize our shared responsibility in righting the wrongs that dishonor and dehumanize the dignity of the most vulnerable among us.

As a community of conscience, we acknowledge the harm that has been done to the environment and the urgency to work collectively to care for the Earth, our common home.

We see our country in turmoil—experiencing a time of chaos that not only impacts every person of this nation, but peoples from across the globe.

As individuals and a faith community, we recognize that we bear both a privilege and a burden to vote our conscience and to make choices that will and do affect the future of everyone.

As we ready ourselves to go to the polls this November, may our time of discernment be rooted in the teachings of our faith and our common life together.

May our faith guide us to vote for genuine servant leaders, who, like Jesus, will welcome the stranger, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the prisoner, embrace the sick and dying, and promote peace and nonviolence.

Send your Spirt to be with us as we cast votes for the common good and, regardless of the outcome of the elections, may we continue to work for a more just and sustainable world.

May we always stand on the side of justice and truth. Amen.

Click here to download and use this prayer card, Prayer for this Election Season. For a print-ready version (4 prayer cards to one 8.5 x 11 sheet) suitable for printing multiple copies and sharing, click here for the front of the card and here for the back.

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