In support of Pax Christi USA’s efforts to resource our membership for the 2020 elections, we are helping to circulate this sign-on statement from several of our Pax Christi priests inviting their brother priests to help prepare their faith communities for Election Day and the possible aftermath. Priests, pastors, deacons and bishops are invited to make the commitment and sign the statement via the link at the end.

As Election Day approaches, we believe that, as trusted faith leaders, we have a responsibility to help prepare our communities for the possibility of a contested election and the social unrest that may follow in its wake. We invite our brother priests and deacons to use the time between now and Election Day to address people’s anxiety and tension by cultivating our commitment to the common good, respect for individual conscience, belief in the promise of nonviolence, and trust in the democratic process. We have two Sundays between now and Election Day and we encourage one another to incorporate messages in our homilies, the prayers of the faithful, and during announcements at Mass that inspire our communities to protect one another’s right to vote without impediment or intimidation, to resist rhetoric that seeks to sow division and confusion, and to safeguard the integrity of the process.

The gospel for the Sunday before Election Day is taken from the Sermon on the Mount. The message there is rich in its implications for how we should approach this election and what should guide our actions as we vote and await the results. In Sunday’s gospel reading, Jesus says, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.” In these days of uncertainty and tension, may we embrace that vocation and practice that peace which is rooted in justice.

To join us in this commitment, we invite you to click here and add your name to this statement.

In peace,

Rev. Joe Nangle, ofm
Rev. Bob Cushing
Rev. Rocco Puopolo, s.x.
Rev. Fred Thelen
Rev. John Heagle

* Additional sign-ons listed below…

For additional resources on the 2020 elections from Pax Christi USA, click here.


Signers as of 10/20/20…

  1. Bishop Thomas Gumbleton (MI)
  2. Rev. Joe Nangle, ofm (DC)
  3. Rev. Bob Cushing (GA)
  4. Rev. Rocco Puopolo, s.x. (MA)
  5. Rev. Fred Thelen (MI)
  6. Rev. John Heagle (OR)
  7. Rev. Bernard (Bob) Bonnot (OH)
  8. Rev. Bob Bossie, SCJ (IL)
  9. Walter Fircowycz (MS)
  10. Rev. Tony Gallagher (OH)
  11. John Adamski (GA)
  12. Rev. Dr. BA Bingle (OH)
  13. (Formerly) Rev. Michael Mas (NV)
  14. Rev. Richard Bauer, MM, BCC, LCSW (NY)
  15. Richard Conway (MA)
  16. William Graf (NY)
  17. James Flynn (KY)
  18. Justin Belitz (IN)
  19. Paul A. Milanowski (MI)
  20. John S Sarge (MI)
  21. Rev. Tim Taugher (NY)
  22. Tom C. Borkowski (IL)
  23. Rev. Terrence J. Moran (NJ)
  24. Rev. Marty Peter (IN)
  25. Father Bill Muench (NY)
  26. Fr. Edward Tverdek (IL)
  27. Rev. Paul Scaglione (KY)
  28. Rev. Bernard Survil (PA)
  29. Rev Bill Remmel SDS (AZ)
  30. Jim Henke (TX)
  31. Rev. Charlie Cicerale (NJ)
  32. Fr. John M. Lee, C.P. (NY)
  33. Tom Shea csc (FL)
  34. Patrick Tucker (IN)
  35. Nelson Belizario O.Carm (NJ)
  36. Michael Kuchar (MI)
  37. Timothy J Joyce (MA)
  38. Francis L. Fried (MN)
  39. Rev. Neil Pezzulo (TN)
  40. Fr. Jack Schuler (MO)
  41. Rev. Robert Oldershaw (IL)
  42. William Auth (MI)
  43. Msgr Charles L Brown III (DE)
  44. Rev. Edward Schleter (OH)
  45. Rev. Joseph Nassal, cpps (CA)
  46. Rev. Paul Jaroszeski (MN)
  47. Louis Arceneaux, C.M. (LA)
  48. Rev. Stephen Newton, CSC (IN)
  49. Rev. Michael Torpey (MD)
  50. Fr. Bob Wenz (OH)
  51. Rev. Samuel Monaco (NJ)
  52. Eugene Pocernich (WI)
  53. Rev Kevin Ashe (NJ)
  54. Rev. Dick Aiken (WI)
  55. John Tarantino (NJ)
  56. Fr. Gregory Barras (MS)
  57. Fr. Tony Bickett (KY)
  58. Rev. Gerald Kleba (MO)
  59. Rev. Leo Shea, M.M. (MA)
  60. Rev. John M. Pagel (NC)
  61. Fr. David Bruning (OH)
  62. Rev. Joseph Mattern (WI)
  63. Bill Bigelow (FL)
  64. Rev. Gerald E. Balwinski (MI)
  65. Emmet Leo Farrell (CA)
  66. Fr. William J. Kramer (OH)
  67. Rev. Stephen Sledesky (CT)
  68. Deacon Bob Slobig (IL)
  69. Rev. Richard L. Allen (WI)
  70. Fr. T.J. Meehan (FL)
  71. Richard Notter (OH)
  72. Francis Schiller (NJ)
  73. Francis Gargani (DC)
  74. Rev. George C. Brown, OMI (MA)
  75. Michael Carr (WY)
  76. Very Rev. Alexander Michael Santora (NJ)
  77. Rev. Eugene Squeo (NJ)
  78. Richard G Prindle (CA)
  79. Rev. Tom Lumpkin (MI)
  80. Michael Hickin (ND)
  81. Rev. Ron Gaesser (NY)
  82. John Kasper (CA)
  83. Fr. Bob Osborne (KY)
  84. James Gutting (PA)
  85. Rev. Francis Fried (MN)
  86. Fr. Vincent Petersen OFM Conv. (IN)
  87. Ralph Parthie, ofm (MO)
  88. Tulio Ramirez, mxy (NY)
  89. Fr. Robert Beirne (RI)
  90. Rev. Jerome Brzezinski (MI)
  91. Fr. Frank Morin (ME)
  92. Fr. Chris Ponnet (CA)
  93. Rev. Mark Horak, S.J. (GA)
  94. Rev. Joseph M Monahan, TOR (NJ)
  95. Raymond Tetrault (RI)
  96. Deacon James Rauner (MI)
  97. Rev. Kevin, Queally, TOR (PA)
  98. Harry J Bury (MN)
  99. Rev. James E. Hug, S.J. (MI)
  100. Rev. David Whitten Smith (MN)
  101. Fr. Frank Morin (ME)
  102. Deacon Denny Duffell (WA)
  103. Rev. Dr. Kenneth Weare (CA)
  104. Fr. Joseph P. Keenan, S.T. (MD)
  105. Deacon Leo T Bistak (OH)
  106. Rev. David G. Sánchez (KY)
  107. Chaplain Suzanne Fabick (MI)
  108. Deacon William Coffey (NY)
  109. Fr. Joachim Lally, CSP (MI)
  110. Deacon Lawrence R. Kearney (IL)
  111. Deacon Jaime Abrera Jr (CA)
  112. Rev. Elias D. Mallon, SA (NY)
  113. Julian S. Jagudilla, ofm
  114. Fr. Tim Gollob (TX)
  115. Rev Jim Marsh (NY)
  116. Matt O’Connor (CA)
  117. Rev. Bob Norris (NY)
  118. Rev. Gerald Chmiel (OH)
  119. James T. Donovan, S.J. (NY)
  120. Rev. C. Peter Dougherty (MI)
  121. Jeffery Ott, op (GA)
  122. Deacon David Borzenski (MI)
  123. Deacon Christopher Jensen (FL)
  124. James A. Wenzel, OSA (PA)

9 thoughts on “Over 120 priests & deacons have signed this election season message: Sign on to join them!


  2. I am heartbroken to see no one from Oklahoma. Be blessed all who signed. I am not Catholic, a woman progressive Protestant.

  3. I hope and pray for a Democratic win. Biden and Kamala Harris bring experience and resourcefulness to address the current crises (Pandemic and Black Lives Matter Protest for Racial Equity and Justice in America) which our nation faces. Our current president is psychosocially handicapped (narcissistic individualism) and can’t fulfill his constitutional duties in light of that reality.

    Regardless of the final outcome of the election, violence and protest of the outcome would be a destructive rather than constructive response.

    By the grace of God, Black, Latino/a-Hispanic and Native Americans have survived, thrived and made constructive contributions to our nation despite racist denial of that reality! By that same Grace We Shall Overcome Someday!
    -Sr. Dr. Jamie T. Phelps, OP PhD

    1. Thank you so much for taking the initiative to compose this sign-on statement representing what our Catholic faith calls us ALL to – priests, deacons, nuns, lay people, etc. – in the midst of all the extreme partisanship and hate mongering going on. This is an urgent call to conscience, morality, unity and non-violent love of our sisters and brothers of all faiths, races, creeds, sexual orientation, ages, physical/mental abilities. May God help us all to follow what we have signed. – Joan Tirak, Pax Christi Lansing

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