The global pandemic reveals a lot about our values and our priorities. Every minute thousands are spent on nuclear weapons, where it takes just pennies to address humanity’s most basic needs. Watch the new video on “The Real Costs of Nuclear Weapons” below.

4 thoughts on “New video on “The Real Cost of Nuclear Weapons” from Pax Christi International

  1. very well done and powerful. Let’s get this message out to everyone! Thank you PCI.

  2. This film is priceless in the truth it conveys through actual facts related in photos.

  3. The Power of One
    Home-based “teach-ins” can accelerate the education of Americans about the nuclear weapons threat. I have a five page plan on how this can be done and why mere individuals can do this using a computer showing brief You Tube videos … email me or call (713-224-4144).

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