By Rev. Raymond L Tetrault
Pax Christi Rhode Island

“Before the world was made, we have been chosen in Christ…claimed as God’s own…so that he could bring everything together under the headship of Christ” (Ephesians).

We in Pax Christi, the Peace of Christ, a Catholic peace movement, believe that the creator of this world has a plan, and that is to bring everything, every person, into union in glory with the risen Christ.  Any act that divides us, as persons or as nations, as religions, any act that harms others, is a sin against humanity and against our God.

We believe that Christians and all people of good will should become aware of such acts, must denounce them, and work to restore the unity and peace to which God calls us.

americaincrisisWe know that our government under the leadership of President Trump has been guilty of such divisive and harmful actions like the sanctions against Iran which have prevented that country from selling its resources to bring in the money it needs to deal with the coronavirus which has caused the death of thousands of innocent people; and the withdrawal of millions of dollars from the World Health Organization which will cause the death of other thousands of people in poor countries around the world.

The countries of Europe have pledged billions of euros in an effort to find a vaccination against the coronavirus. The United States, which usually takes the lead in such efforts, pledged nothing, a sign of indifference and self-centeredness.

Additionally, the president cut funding for the Center for Disease Control and left us without the necessary equipment to fight the coronavirus which has caused the death of thousands of our people, and we have not seen the end yet. He disparaged the possibility that the virus would come to the United States despite the warning of intelligence agencies and many scientists. With the same indifference the president denies that global warming will affect the world. We can only imagine the staggering loss of life and suffering the world is in for under such leadership.

We believe that religious leaders who are called to bring about the plan of God to bring all together in Christ should make clear to the faithful this wide range of anti-life, anti-human, anti-God actions that are done in the name of the citizens of this country. We are called to something much better, more loving, and more unifying of the human family.

If we accommodate ourselves to this evil we may end up like the church in Nazi Germany, accommodated until it was too late.

May Christ give us courage.  May the peace of Christ reign in our country and in our world.

9 thoughts on “Religious leaders need to call out this administration’s disastrous policies

  1. The so called leader of this country separated children from their families at the US-Mexican border to set an example! He claims to be a Christian.

    Jean McGevna

  2. Thank you so much, Father Raymond. I wish your letter was required reading for everyone. God bless you! Terri Casey

  3. Thank you, Fr.Ray, for your articulate critique of the situation in our country and our Church. Fraternally, Fr. Tom Ivory

  4. Thank you Fr Ray. Our actions are our prayer and we are charged to work against the injustices spawned by this Administration and build protection against it ever being repeated. We live in a scandal and our lives are stressed because of this and the consequences of it. Our leaders militarize Space and are prepared to exploit it for its riches in the same ways they have exploited weak nations and tribes for human and natural resources. And at our doorstep Venezuela is being crucified. All of these evil things must stop. We are charged to act as good citizens to do this. Thank you for your call to action.

  5. Brother Tetrault,
    Indeed courage is required to follow Christ. May God continue to abundantly bless you. Let us pray for courage.

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