anti-35410_1280Recently, the Trump Administration has hinted that it wants to resume real world nuclear tests in the near future. For twenty years, only one nation has conducted such nuclear tests: North Korea. Experts agree that computer models are more than adequate to maintain U.S. nuclear capabilities, itself a questionable goal. Resumption of testing could provoke a new round of tests by all nine nuclear weapons states.

Tests would heighten international tension and perhaps signal the start of a new arms race. They would spend public funds better used to address the true crises of the present, from COVID-19 to systemic racism. Nuclear tests also have long-lasting impacts on our environment, on food sources and on human beings. Nuclear testing in the past disproportionally affects communities of color, including indigenous people and Pacific Islanders as well as African-American and Latinx communities.

Senator Edward Markey (D-MA) has proposed a bill to prohibit the use of federal funds for a nuclear test explosion, S.3886. Currently, thirteen other senators have joined Senator Markey in co-sponsoring the bill. More information on the bill is available at this link.

TAKE ACTION: Please let the administration and your elected officials know you are opposed to any resumption of real world nuclear testing.

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  1. We do not need anymore nuclear testing or anything else nuclear. We need to eliminate anything Nuclear for the sake of the whole planet.

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