nonviolence2Eli McCarthy of the DC Peace Team has passed along information for a webinar that Pax Christi USA members may be interested in as we experience the challenges of our public health situation. The webinar is on Nonviolent Communication practice for interpersonal conflict.

Topic: “What pushes your buttons? Using the four components of NVC for a conflict”, sponsored by the DC Peace Team

  • Wed., April 15th from 12-1:30pm EDT
  • Repeated on Sun., April 19th from1-2:30 pm EDT

Click here to register for either or both.

Details: In each session, you’ll be guided through a process of applying the full Nonviolent Communication core framework of Observations, Feelings, Needs, and Request to a personal scenario of your choosing.

Do you find that, with the current crisis, you get triggered more easily into anger, worry, or depression? Or, do you find that those triggers were there before, but now your go-to ways to cope are harder to come by? If you are quarantined or working in unsafe conditions, do you find that other family members and co-workers push your buttons way more often these days?

Find out how NVC can help you meet the current moment with compassion, honesty, and self-connection in this practical, hands-on workshop.In just 90-minutes, learn another simple yet powerful tool to help you respond to life’s challenges with authenticity, clarity, and hope.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC), developed by Marshall Rosenberg, is a powerful tool for transforming and mediating interpersonal, intra-personal, organizational, and inter-group conflicts. It is used worldwide by activists, teachers, conflict specialists, doctors, diplomats, social workers, managers and others to improve their work and home life. The practice of NVC can help us understand ourselves more fully, provide us with a sense of power and choice in our lives, and open our hearts to compassionately connect and collaborate with others.

Everyone is welcome! This workshop is for all levels of experience with NVC, including those with no experience.

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