It is with a heart filled with mixed emotions that I announce to you that I have accepted Sr. Anne-Louise Nadeau’s letter of resignation from Pax Christi USA, effective February 22, 2020.

Sr. Anne-Louise has served PCUSA with faithfulness and dedication and has connected with so many of you on a personal and programmatic level. We are all aware of her professional and personal commitment to PCUSA and all of the people who make up our movement, from individual members and groups across the nation to our national office staff and National Council members. She has offered her leadership both out in front, especially on our work to help us become an anti-racist organization, as well as behind the scenes. We can never fully express our gratitude to Sr. Anne-Louise for all that she has been and done for PCUSA and we are confident that her impact on us and our movement will reverberate far into the future.

At the National Council meeting this past weekend, Sr. Anne-Louise shared that, moving forward, she will concentrate even more fully on the work that she and Sr. Patty have been doing with religious communities on anti-racism and explore more deeply some of the questions and insights that have been raised because of her decades-long work in this area. We will all continue to be blessed by the transformational power that has been the result of her long commitment to calling the church to be more open, inclusive and accountable.

Personally, I can’t thank Sr. Anne-Louise enough for how helpful she has been to me as I have taken on the responsibilities of the executive director, as well as for shepherding PCUSA in the months between Sr. Patty and me this past year. I’m so grateful for all her wisdom and encouragement and am at a bit of a loss as to whom I’ll ask the questions I’ve been taking to her daily!

In the midst of our gratitude, we are also excited for her and what the road ahead promises. She’ll undoubtedly continue her work to challenge our church and the world to better reflect that “beloved community” for which we all hope. We wish her grace and peace as she finds new opportunities for personal and professional growth. While we are saddened to see her leave, we celebrate and give thanks for all that she has shared with us.

In peace,

Johnny Zokovitch
Executive Director, Pax Christi USA

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