Catholics Say: President Trump Stop the Inhumanity now!

We know the horror. Immigrant and refugee children detained in cages, separated from family members, and living in unsanitary, unhealthy conditions which have outraged the nation. Children dying from negligence in detention. Raids tearing families apart. The faith community has decried this treatment of children not only as a violation of human dignity and rights, but also as fundamentally contrary to religious teachings and the sacred call to love our neighbor and care for people who are the most at risk, especially children.

Today Catholic leaders are launching a campaign to end the inhumane treatment of immigrant and refugee children and families at the border, in detention centers, and in communities across the country. Catholics have gathered in Washington, DC today and many are planning to risk arrest. They have come to stand with immigrant communities threatened by our broken immigration system and the inhumane policies of the Trump administration. The time to take a prophetic stand and say NO MORE is now.

Act NOW by Calling the White House to say NO to President Trump’s Inhumane Policies that Separate Families and Harm Children

Catholic social tradition teaches us that every person deserves equality and respect. Family is sacred–it is the cornerstone of our church and our community. We cannot let the Trump Administration chip away at a fundamental value and continue to only engender fear and chaos among immigrants and their families. It is time that we force the Administration to hold themselves and our country to a higher ethical and moral standard.

Act NOW! Call the White House and let your voice join the chorus of Catholics who say no more to tearing families and communities apart and say yes to welcome and love.

Earlier this week, Pope Francis urged Catholics around the world to stand with migrants and against an attitude of indifference and despair. He said, “Migrants are persons… They are the symbol of all those rejected by today’s globalized society… The weakest and most vulnerable must be helped… This is a tremendous responsibility, from which no one is exempt if we wish to fulfill the mission of salvation and liberation, in which the Lord himself has called us to cooperate.”

Call the White House Now! Call (202) 456-1111

Suggested Script

As a person of faith, I am calling today to strongly oppose the Trump Administration’s efforts to hold children in dangerous detention centers, and separate immigrant families at the border and in communities around the country. Family is sacred-it is the cornerstone of our church and our community and must be protected. The Administration’s policies have led to the tragic deaths of seven children and are traumatizing a whole generation of children.

Guided by our Catholic faith and our national values, we affirm the dignity of all people and our call to love our neighbors. Every person, every family deserves stability and security. We call on the Trump Administration to immediately end the unjust and immoral practice of jailing children and separating families.

Thank you for your efforts!

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  1. So the “switchboard “ was totally busy. I left an email message. Hope it doesn’t get me put in jail as a traitor, as you have to give all your information.

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