Pray with Pax Christi USA this Lent. Today is the last chance to download the Lent reflections!

Find the energy for your work for peace with justice and download Pax Christi USA’s electronic Lent reflection booklet today.

Dear God, May we as individuals and as a society find healing from the trauma of war and racism. Show us how to rise from ashes. Show us how to bloom from barbed wire. Give us your grace to find resurrection wit


6 thoughts on “Prayer for Ash Wednesday and Last Day to Order Lent Reflection E-booklet

    1. We offer a deadline for the e-booklet, because we want as many people as possible to engage with the reflection booklets we work hard to put together. We find that people are more likely to take action and download the booklet when there is a deadline. There are also some administrative logistics behind the scenes that make it prudent to have a clear cut-off for the online offerings. Hope this helps.

      1. Understood, this makes sense — even if it’s disappointing when life gets in the way and one like myself misses the deadline.

    1. No worries, there’s an option for payment besides paypal. However, the deadline for the Lent booklet has now passed. Stay tuned for the reflection booklet for Advent this Fall.

  1. Desire to order booklets that have picture of JESUS kneeling at the rock in prayer- titled PRAY LENT.
    Can you address this request I have. I received one in the mail couple of years ago and now want to
    have more to give to family members. Thank you in advance for your help.
    Joan A. Suess

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