We know it’s Advent, but the Lent reflection booklet is available for pre-order only, through Dec. 19, which is only five days away.

The 2019 Lent reflection booklet, “Lose Your Life to Save It” offers the opportunity to reflect on humility as an essential spiritual principle for our lives.

In the United States, we go through life thinking that we must largely rely on ourselves for the answers in family, work, and our overall well-being. We often buy into our country’s narrative of rampant individualism and mistakenly think we are in control. However, faith requires us to let go and to let God work through us.

There is no self-will that can create peace in our hearts and peace in the world. Rather, we must be vessels, conforming our lives to the will of God for real change, peace, and goodness to exist. The answer, then, is to “Lose Your Life to Save It”.

Check out the sneak peak of  and pre-order today. The deadline to order is in 5 days: Dec. 19.

If you need help with your order call Rachel, 202 635 5819

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