Pax Christi USA offers prayers and stands in solidarity with the families and community of the 11 people who were shot and killed while attending the Tree of Life Synagogue on Saturday in Pittsburgh.

Anti-Semitism and hatred have no place in this country.  It is astounding that the US can experience massacres of this level, and policymakers still do not legislate comprehensive gun control solutions. Pax Christi USA will keep repeating that the US needs sensible gun control and antiracist policies until legislators prioritize human welfare over power and gain.

Sr. Patricia Chappell, SNDdeN, Executive Director of Pax Christi USA, said, “Because PCUSA is grounded in the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching, it rejects every form of violence and domination.  Every person is a reflection of the image of God regardless of their religious beliefs, race, and social economic status.”  The words we say either create a more peaceful, just and sustainable world or they create separation, hatred, and violence. We call upon our leaders and we encourage our communities to embrace and embody nonviolence in word, policy, and action.

13 thoughts on “Statement: In Solidarity with the People of Pittsburgh

  1. Last Saturday I went to one of the Met’s gorgeous HDTV opera broadcasts, left feeling chirpy about the world, got in my car, switched on the radio and immediately had news about the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.
    When will these episodes stop? what can we do to bring them to an end? It’s easy to lose hope in the US and all its unfulfilled promises. But we must persevere in prayer and in what action we’re capable of.
    All love and prayers for the victims and survivors of the evil and senseless shooting in Pittsburgh.

  2. When will we get some comprehensive gun control, background checks???? How many times does this nation, our people suffer the violence before Congress will address this ?
    Thanks for your statement.

  3. Keep up the good work! And may God bless the Jewish people of Pittsburgh and throughout the world!

  4. With heartfelt sympathy at the loss of eleven truly beautiful people and gratitude for the grace-filled, dignified, and impressive way your congregations responded to their tragedy. What an example to all of the value of faith, community, relationship. and respect for the unique value of each individual because every person is created in the image of God. Anti-semitism is a foul perspective, an evil that has caused immeasurable heartache. May the loving and supportive response of the people of Pittsburgh–and all of us throughout the world who grieve for your suffering– be a source of consolation at this difficult time.

  5. Thank you for that essential message. Hard to believe that it still has to be delivered. As we have learned in the last couple of years, we have not come as far as we had hoped.

  6. Chicago has very comprehensive guns laws – that does not mean a thing. The media must stop tormenting hate.

  7. Thank you for your important statement. Pax Christi International joins you in prayer and solidarity as we face yet another tragic and senseless killing in the United States.

  8. Thank you for this statement. New gun laws will not take guns out of the hands of responsible gun owners but maybe we can prevent this type of tragedy. My heart and prayers go out to the victims and their families. I pray that those that are blinded by such hatred, will be able to be healed by the light of Truth and see all people as their brothers and sisters.

  9. Thank you. Guns gotta go. May I beat a drum that has not been beaten often enough? Jesus directs us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. Might it be that the evil in the hearts of people is not Purged because there is not enough prayer ofv this kind being lifted up?

  10. Why in the world do we have those military weapons on the shelves?? The union of all the people was a perfect example of who we are as Americans!!

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