Pax Christi USA condemns in the strongest of terms Mr. Trump’s decision to have the United States back out of the Iran Deal.  This decision is short sighted and opens the door to war or the resurgence of Iran’s nuclear program. The Iran Deal has been successful in ensuring that Iran dismantle their nuclear program and not create new ones, since Iran was encouraged to do so by having greater economic opportunities through relief from secondary sanctions. Essentially, Iran stopped their nuclear program because the Iran Deal made it economically expedient to do so.

The United States, by pulling out of the deal, has given Iran less incentive. This was a bold and insane move by Mr. Trump given that it opens the door to Iran reestablishing its nuclear program, and there is no clear benefit, economic or otherwise, to the U.S. pulling out. Some have postulated that this move is merely a political stunt to undo the progress that President Obama and his administration cultivated by establishing the Iran Deal during his presidency.

Large consequences, like war and/or Iran recommitting to its nuclear program, may come from this decision. Experts say that the U.S. backing out is the slow but certain disintegration of the diplomatic process with other world leaders.

Pax Christi USA is once again disheartened and disillusioned by both the process and the motivation behind Mr. Trump’s decision. What we see with this decision is a brutal demolition of a diplomatic solution that was working towards assuring peace with justice. May the conscience of the American people see in this decision yet another example of the erosion of sustainable peace.

8 thoughts on “Statement: Backing out of the Iran Deal Is Another Blow to American Credibility

  1. It is appalling that our President wants to start a war. He doesn’t understand or maybe he does, that if he initiates a Nuclear War, we will all be destroyed, including him. My hope is that our allies stand up to him and put the same sanctions on the US that Trump is putting on Iran. That’s the only thing he might understand.

  2. It is unfortunate President Obama did not submit HIS agreement to the US Senate for approval thus making it binding on future administrations.

  3. is there a simple action that we can do that may help Trump understand? and also the Congress. Maybe sending postcards to ask for Trumps resignation or impeachment in order to help save the world! Have someone design one and we can flood the mailboxes at the White house and capital.

  4. A typical Trump stunt to rally his base. He made a campaign promise with no thought to the consequences and of course no plan B. Trump needs desperately to unravel anything associated with Obama, to feed his ego. What a tragic day for the USA and the world.

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