We deplore the actions of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad using chemical weapons to kill at least 42 Syrian people, and the subsequent bombing the United States doled out in retaliation. We appeal to the US to find other ways to resolve the grave issue of chemical weaponry other than acts of war. The way forward is through diplomacy and dialogue. Assad’s actions were horrific enough, and the US does not need to contribute to the murder and destruction of an already hurting and traumatized people.

It is impossible to fight hate with hate, and peace cannot be created through violence. Fighting chemical weaponry with airstrikes in Syria is a zero sum game. Acts of war are not effective, and history shows that the end of one war often leads to the creation of a new war. Furthermore, Donald Trump violated US law and international law by bombing Syria. This impulsive decision to strike Syria, without waiting for the chemical inspectors to carry out their investigations and without Congressional approval, is a dangerous escalation of an already horrific war. The solution is obvious; put US resources into the creation of justice rather than the promotion of injustice. Interrupt violence and support structures that offer life, not death.

Picture: Joe Piette

2 thoughts on “Statement: Solution to Syria’s Chemical Weaponry Is Not Air Strikes

  1. The facts about the incident are currently being investigated by an international team. The experts do not know exactly what happened or who is responsible. How does Pax Christi know the results of an investigation only recently started?

  2. 28 more civilians were killed by US-airstrike. What are we going to do. Let us act on this upon thinking, and move in the House for rebuke and sense of Congress as to the gravity of the wrongful taking of life. Thursday April 26, 2018.

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